Yes, that's me!

I love people, places and things, oh and light, lots of pretty light! Very specific I know.

It all began with a fascination for my grandfather’s wartime photographs of riding camels through the pyramids of Giza and his precious camera in it's lovely brown leather case, sitting on his bookshelf. Today, it sits on my bookshelf with his last roll of film still loaded. 

Photography allows me to both explore and convey my perception of this world.  As a reluctant subject myself, I find it fascinating to communicate through photography, to tell a story and produce images that reveal the beauty & individuality of my subjects and the moment. 


There's nothing else that I would want to do.

Rowena Clarke has worked as a commercial, portrait & event/pr photographer for over 12 years, having graduated from the Sydney Institute of TAFE with a Diploma of Photography. Her work has been published in a variety of titles including The New York Home Observer, Real Weddings, Bride to Be, Cosmopolitan Bride & Wedding Style Guide.

The eyes shout what the lips fear to say - William Henry (1729 - 1786)